Welcome, Dolcé Doll!

Dolcé Rose is a luxury, trend-setting beauty and spiritual couture for the wanderlusts, the curious, the fashion-savvy, and the ordinary girl in our everyday world.

Dolcé, which means sweet, sultry, soft and sensual, is symbolic of the Divine Feminine In our boutique.

Rose, like Rosé, a light pink wine, is elegant and regal in nature - a quality we collectively embody as a brand.

We are an unconventional and uniquely eclectic modern-day esoteric and beauty retailer revolutionising self-care, confidence and empowerment. And we do so ethically, by housing award-winning only Cruelty-Free brands such as NCLA Beauty, Ryan Porter, Touch In Sol and more. 

Dolcé’s Founder

Dolcé emerged from humble beginnings back in late 2020, when our Founder, Hillary Kylie was just beginning her penultimate year at the University of Bristol at only 19 years old.

As a Sociology undergraduate, she became a huge advocate for feminism and equal rights - and viola! Dolcé’s accessories are centered around female empowerment and sexuality. 

Confidence, for her, wasn’t just about looking good externally and superficially.

It was the incorporation of a healthy spiritual routine and a balanced lifestyle that led her to feeling her best — the feeling of inner fulfilment and satisfaction that fuelled her to be the best version of herself.

Besides having a deep respect for wildlife, nature and animals, transforming her skincare routine to using only cruelty-free and vegan brands had helped her with radiating her external glow and attain crystal clear, healthy skin, whilst feeling empowered that she had done her part in boycotting animal testing.

This led her to develop a love for Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera, the two powerful skincare ingredients Dolcé Rose now inculcates.

Today, Dolcé Rose seeks to re-innovate what it means to feel truly empowered as a woman in contemporary society.

We want our dolls to radiate both her internal and external glow, to always attend to her self-care routine, whilst simultaneously remaining ethical, conscious and mindful of the environment.

Dolcé’s timeline of success

Dolcé’s evolution didn’t merely happen overnight. 
Founder Hillary Kylie first began Dolcé by selling handmade cruelty-free and vegan bath and beauty, as well as sourcing Indie Decks to a small clientele during the pandemic’s lockdown. 

From barely scratching the surface of 20 sales in her first month, Dolcé rose to recognition when sales began multiplying tenfold. 
In February 2021, Dolcé surpassed a collective total of 1000 sales. 
Dolcé has now sold to nearly 1600 dolcé dolls around the world, to 35 different countries globally. 

Dolcé is a self-financed company that does not rely on investors. 

Giving Back

Dolcé is fully and wholeheartedly invested in championing Mental Health awareness, and giving back to charities, people and funding bodies for psychological and psychiatric research. 

Destigmatizing mental health and less commonly acknowledged psychological disorders is one of Dolcé’s goals. 

Dolcé recently donated 5% of its profits to the Natasha Abrahart foundation and legal inquiry, a student who had unfortunately committed suicide during her time at the University of Bristol. 

Dolcé is determined to use our platform for good, to empower, destigmatize and uplift the community, in every way possible. 

We are Dolcé Rose.